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About P.R.G. Group

P.R.G Technologies Ltd is a private company that was established in 2000, with aim to centralize and maximize the knowledge, know-how and experience gathered by the founders.
P.R.G, supplies services to financial institutions within the following areas:
* Integration.
* Project management.
* Carrying out of organizational and methods projects
* Consultancy of business development to Credit Card companies.
* Signature verification and validation – The solution was implemented in almost all of the Israeli banks.
* Electronic Archive & documents management of TIS™.


Vision, mission & business philosophy

Our customers operate in a very competitive and demanding industry.

Recent studies have shown that banks and financial institutions spend fifth of

their expenses on software and information technology.

Small banks and small-mid size insurance institutions are even in a worse

situation caused by strong competition, on the one hand, and lack of

operation/computing ability, on the other hand.

They all look for innovative solutions to keep reducing IT expenses and

increasing business development ability.

Our focus on customers, reliable solutions, skilled people and strong

partnerships - backed by a clear strategy and vision - have all contributed to

P.R.G's reputation for quality and professional solutions and service.

Customer at the Center

PRG strives to be a privileged and reliable partner for our customers, banks

and financial institutions, not just a supplier. We are dedicated to long-term

partnerships based on innovation, trust, best knowledge and the best suitable

solution for each and every bank and financial institution.

We are guided by the business needs of our customers. Our work is based on

continuous dialogue in order to ensure a full understanding of the needs of our

customers and of what should be done to improve their business results.

Relevant Solutions

All our solutions share the same goal: to provide optimal business support and

to help customers reach their targets.

We systematically provide innovative, robust, best-of-breed solutions perfectly

fitted to the particular needs of each customer.

Committed Staff

Our highly skilled personnel combine vast banking experience with IT expertise.

Continuous training and close contacts with the market guarantee the highest

level of specialization.

People are the core of our company. We hire staff for their intellectual abilities,

desire for perfection, and global vision along with high attention to every detail,

communication capabilities, perseverance and flexibility.

Our Strategy

Our Company's success is based on a clear strategic vision and organizational efficiency.

PRG favors a powerful but controlled growth based on realistic investments and

sensible recruitments.


In 2006, P.R.G acquired Hurricane Software Technologies (established- 1994).


Hurricane is the owner and the manufacturer of an end-to-end retail banking solution named CompuBank, And billing and pricing solution named CompuPrice.


In 2002, P.R.G has established PRG-Europe a subsidiary in Utrecht, Holland . PRG-Europe focuses on similar activities for the financial and human resource industry in Benelux, and has established since then full operational activities.

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