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We believe in innovative products and solutions toward creating an edge for our customers in competitive markets.

Our mission for the financial industry is to deliver innovative IT solutions - products and services – in order to reduce costs and increase operational and business competitive ability which enable our customers to meet and exceed their business objectives.

We target at customers from retail and personal banks, private and corporate banks, savings, direct and stock investment financial institutions, credit, loans and insurance companies...

Compubank - Core banking solution

CompuBank is an On-Line Real-Time comprehensive banking system,

which offers an innovative solution

for retail and commercial banking in the changing business and

technology of the banking world.

CompuBank responds to the transformation that takes place these days

in the banking industry.

The system furnishes banks with the required tools enabling them to be

competitive and at the same time

to have full control over their operations.

Advanced banking solution is characterized by:

* Customer orientation

* Comprehensive credit control

* Risk management

* On-line product generator

* Multi-channels (Internet,Cellular, Call Center, kiosks), multi-bank, multi currency, multi-language

* 24X7

The Core Banking Management System includes:

*Customer Information Base, System Parameters and Tables, Users and Authorization System

*CompuBank Implementation

* CompuBank as an end-to-end Multilanguage solution can be

implemented at any small / medium size,

retail bank all over the world.

* Partial solutions based on any of the modules detailed above

can be implemented while interfacing to

*existing systems of the bank. Such as Credit Control,

Deposit and Savings, Central bank reports etc.

CompuPrice - Billing and pricing system

B&P system supplies a platform to price and bill bank services or financial products, including off-line and on-line.

mechanisms that can operate in few processing modes real time transaction level, batch mode of file based.

Real time mode can function with pre-delivery authorization mode.

The system is multi-currency; any amount (like min, max, or fixed amount) can be translated to the deal currency, multi bank, multi branch, 24X7.

Implementation of a new service or product is accompanied with definition of new prices.

Price can be one of various types – fees or taxes, Interest rates, Exchange rates or index.

B&P system supports definition of personalized offers of each of those types within a bundle of these types or without.

Pricing schema can be defined for a specific customer or for a customers’ segment/group,

which determines the customer’s Term Profile.

“ADI” Secure internet payment system

ADI system is a web based platform that carries out various types of payments for the banks’ customers.

The types of payments that the system includes are:

Salary payment

Pre Authorized payment

Standing Orders

Invoice payments

Money Transfer to saving/pension

Any type of payment that will be defined.

The payments:

Can be schedule to any date in the future

Can be indexed to any kind of index.

Can include fees and taxes according to the institution policies.

Can be reflected in a set of reports to the customers.

Customer sub-system

The customer Module sub-system is designed and oriented to provide tools

for the presentation of full customer details,

to control the customers’ activities in the bank, to improve services

provided, and to market new products complying with the customer

characteristics (as reflected by his activities in the bank).

One of the major concepts that position our Customer Module as

the “new generation” in banking software is customer orientation.

This concept differs from the traditional “account oriented” concept,

by regarding the customer as a major object in the system design.

The customer is integrated in the system, and all accounts and banking

activities are automatically oriented to the customer.

This sub-system is installed and is operating as part of CompuBank

system in Seker bank in Turkey.

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