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We believe in innovative products and solutions toward creating an edge for our customers in competitive markets.

Our mission for the financial industry is to deliver innovative IT solutions - products and services – in order to reduce costs and increase operational and business competitive ability which enable our customers to meet and exceed their business objectives.

We target at customers from retail and personal banks, private and corporate banks, savings, direct and stock investment financial institutions, credit, loans and insurance companies...

Static signature solution

* SigCompServer is a stand-alone independent platform, which

specializes in handling signatures. It supports verifying,

identifying, authorizing and securing internal processes

within the organization.

* Our Static signature solution is a server that can process millions of comparisons per day.

* This solution is suitable for comparing signatures cut out of scanned

documents such as checks and billing forms, and then compare

then with its own pre-built data-base of signatures profiles.

* The server is constantly learning the users profile and update it along the

way, with the help of AI technology that modify the user profile

in the data-base as needed.

Dynamic signature solution

* This solution is based on a 3rd party product named Penflow ™ .

* Biometric signature authentication services, analyzing in real time captured signatures.

* Digital form processing tools

* SACs - Signature Authentication Centers, standard based solutions for

integration in banks, clearing houses and other organizations in

need to securely handle large quantities of signature binding documents.

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