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Dynamic signature solution

This solution is based on a 3rd party product named Penflow ™ .

* Signature verification for Forensic applications

* Decision making to support services based on signature analysis, tracking and comparing technologies.

* Signature capturing and printing solutions, integrating in mails, and document processing

and standard web tools.

* Dynamic Signature authentication :

+ Biometric signature authentication services.

+ Analyzing in real time captured signatures.

+ Authorization, validation and authentication of information.

+ Workflow management tools for tracking and validating online procedures.

+ Digital form processing tools

* SACs - signature authentication centers, standard based solutions for integration in banks,

clearing houses and other organizations in need to securely handle large

quantities of signature binding documents.

* Automatic bank paper's documents processing system

* Signature identification and authentication application automatically, develops a combined solution

that efficiently and accurately captures, processes, classifies, validates and integrates the data

into one single consistent database.

* The processed data can be bank papers and documents, such as purchase orders and checks,

guarantees, LCs and other legal documents.

* Banks that will use the system will be able to automatically verify the signatures on the scanned

paper images and also analyze and process the data in the document fields.

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