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Project management

PRG experts and handles large scale project management and project role out in the diversí fields.

PRG services include among others, developing, planning, ongoing management, supervision,

auditing and testing, education and implementation of all related project phases.

PRG has unique experience in handling large scale signature conversion projects for banks and other

financial institutions.

PRG and its founders have gained important knowledge and experience in building from initial stages

large scale IT systems, customer care systems, and related services for financial organizations worldwide.

This expertise is used today to help organization improve efficiency and augment security by implementing

diverse signature capturing, analysis and authentication tools from a wide scope of available product vendors.

Based on project definition and customer requirements, PRG will provide the necessary equipment for each project.

As mentioned above, available for sale and post sales support services are the best standard products

available today on the market.

PRG will constantly look for the best of breed element in each step of a project and offer, as required,

the integration and support services that are relevant.

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