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Static signature solution

SigCompServer is a stand-alone independent platform, which specializes in handling signatures.

It supports verifying, identifying, authorizing and securing internal processes within the organization

Automation of signatures handling will reduce cost and errors. Identifying and verifying the customer

or the users’ signatures will be done within a very short time accurately and reliably.

SigCompServer core engine uses an artificial intelligence engine that executes a self-learning process

in real-time. Each time verification process is executed and it results in a matching rate greater than

a specific parameter defined in the system it stores the document signature as a part of the signature profile.

The system rebuilds the signature profile according to the refreshed signature.

This self-learning engine reduces rejections quantity. It improves the ratio between success rates and

false acceptance rates.

Signature Verification process – for comparison of one signature to a profile of 3-6 specimens success rate

is 82%-87% at False Accept Rate (FAR) of 3% at the most.

AD-HOC signature verification – for comparison of 2 signatures ad-hoc, success rate is 77% at 3% FAR

at the most.

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